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L.A. Bragin, G.G. Ivanov, S.V. Panasenko, L.A. Efimovskaya, O.S. Karashсhuk, E.A. Krasilnikova, E.A. Mayorova, A.F. Nikishin, S.B. Aleksina, A.V. Boykova, O.R. Tyunik

Globalization of trade based on innovations

ISBN 978-1-77192-393-4

Trade is characterised by a high level of competition. Because of that, trade companies need to search for various areas to improve their commercial activities. In this connection, such parameters as integration of different forms of trade, increasing the role of intangible assets (in particular, own trademarks, social responsibility) play a major role. The use of digital technologies, especially mobile commerce, also plays a major role in modern trade.