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Bondarenko T.G., Prodanova N.A., Danchikov E.A.

Attraction of investment resources to ensure the financial feasibility of the project

ISBN 978-1-77192-621-8

The purpose of this monograph is: the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and qualifications by students in the field of analysis of economic and financial evaluation of investment projects, management of the sources of their financing.

The objectives of the monograph are:

1. Know and understand the essence of investment projects, goals, objectives and the effectiveness of their financing in the company's financial management system;

2. Get an idea of the main types of investment projects and their features in the investment management system;

3. To be able to analyze and select indicators for the financial assessment of investment projects;

4. To obtain theoretical foundations and practical skills for making management decisions in the field of financing investment projects, determining the volumes, forms, methods, sources of their financing and their structure, methods of its optimization.