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Printing of scientific journals is distinguished by the specific function of such editions. In turn it influences directly the manufacturing techniques of printed materials. We don't publish the “yellow press” or cheap products. In fact, our journals represent the experience of expert scientists and they are the source of the latest scientific developments. But even the most fundamental scientific work requires worthy “framing”.


Printing of the journals is carried out by means of the innovative offset presses Adast Dominant 747, Adast Dominant 725C and Océ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra, which guarantee the brightness and the intensity of rendition of colors. The important benefit is high print speed of European quality.


The printed pages are trimmed exactly and carefully by the most advanced machine. Thus the ideal geometry of each issue of the journal is provided. Do you consider that it is not so important? In our work there are no trifles. We do everything 100% qualitatively and quickly. Everything: from the edge of the journal to the addressed sending, but we'll return to this later…


At this stage each issue is adjusted by the spine.


A book is judged by its cover. The cover of each issue of the periodical edition looks stylish and laconic. The journal is issued taking into account actual tendencies in the modern market of print media materials.


The pages are ready. Now it is necessary to make the cover and to send issues of the journal to the authors.


Offset method of printing presents the highest quality of products and rather economic method of production. Smallest details, half-tones and shades – thanks to the printing using modern offset presses every detail will be transferred in the most realistic way.


Modern thermobinder allows introducing automation into the process of seamless adhesive binding of the printed pages.


On a special vibrating table the finished book is assembled and straightened by the spine. Then it is put into the spine milling unit for the purpose of increase of binding strength improvement (adhesion). Neglect of this operation worsens the quality of the spine significantly.


Even application of hot-melt adhesive on the spine of the edition is very important. Such method guarantees binding strength at any thickness of the spine.


Finished block is stripped into the cover of the journal. The edition looks aesthetically beautiful, it is pleasant to hold it in hand, and the pages can be opened easily.


Comprehensive control at each stage of printing is the guarantee of truly high-quality products.


Important point: we can print an edition of any size at quite democratic cost.


The editorial board of our publishing house includes 90% of doctors of science. We carry out the assessment of all the received articles quickly and without prejudice. And we can offer optimum terms of cooperation. To find out more just send an application to us right now!